Creating small and pretty things is one of my greatest passions. I cut, glue, sew, stamp etc, and it never gets boring! Once I finish one project there is always the next one around the corner.

It is impossible for me not to create. There is just too much inspiration around me. I find it in nature, architecture, art, food, music and fashion - especially of the people around me. I like watching them, noting the patterns of their clothes, combinations of colours, accessories and hairdo - their overall style. Sometimes a glimpse is enough and my mind goes wild with ideas. Then I can't wait to get to my creative corner and get my ideas onto paper, fabric or whatever.

Some other great sources for inspiration are craft books and creative blogs on the Internet. Here's a small selection of sites I like to browse regularly:

It is such a wonderful opportunity and a great pleasure to share some of my creations with you on this website. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Be blessed.